Ingrown Hairs: the curse of coarse hair

by Barry Eichner To many, the daily habit of shaving is a breeze! Hot water, a good razor, some quality products and it’s 1 – 2 – 3 – Boom, You’re Done! Those are the lucky folks who have fine, non-course hair. The other side of that coin is very different. Shaving, waxing or any [...]

Revolutionary Skin Lightening Ingredient

by Barry Eichner For so long men and women with darker skin tones have suffered with dark spots or hyperpigmentation. Estheticians with clients with darker skin tones – have seen dark spots, they’re nothing new! Dark spots or hyper pigmentation come from ingrown hairs, shaving, breakouts and trauma to the skin. They can be embarrassing [...]

Stop Putting Your Waxing Clients In Pain!

One of our favorite products, literally, does nothing for your clients’ skin! It doesn’t help with ingrown hairs. It also doesn’t help with hyperpigmentation. It doesn’t help with razor burn. But we love it and so will your clients. Why? Because it will help eliminate pain from the waxing service! What is this amazing product? [...]

Darker Skin Tones: Be Bump and Dark Spot Free

by Barry Eichner, Spa Industry Expert In 1975 Thomas Fitzpatrick, MD of Harvard University, created The Fitzpatrick Scale. His scale outlined 6 basic skin tones that range from Pale White to Deeply Pigmented Dark Brown. This scale segmented the skin tones into distinct ranges. Using the Fitzpatrick scale, those with darker skin tones have more [...]

5 Prep Tips For A Brazilian Wax From The Pro’s

One of the most popular waxing treatments around is the Brazilian wax. There are many women and some men who have been getting Brazilians for years, these veterans know all there is to know when it comes to preparing for one of the most intimate waxing services. Adequate preparation can mean smooth sailing with lots [...]