Not all skincare and body care moisturizers are created equally.  A great moisturizer attracts moisture to the skin. Ingredients that attract moisture to the skin are known as humectants, they work by attracting water to the upper layer of the skin (stratum corneum). If a moisturizer has these ingredients it is pulling moisture from the environment, into the upper layer of the skin. Look for ingredients such as glycerin and aloe vera.

A colorless and odorless liquid that draws moisture from the air. It’s so powerful that if you have a bottle of glycerin sitting on your kitchen table with the cap off it will eventually become 80% glycerin and 20% water.   This is an ideal ingredient in our Lumen8 Lotion, Man Mask and Bikini Mask because it works to draw moisture back into the skin. Ideal for application after shaving or waxing when the skin is over exposed after the intense exfoliation.

Aloe Vera
A gel from the Aloe plant that has been used as a skin treatment for centuries. It’s known for its healing properties, especially after burns. We include it in our Lumen8 Lotion, Man Mask and Bikini mask because of its restorative properties. An optimal ingredient to help the skin rebuild after shaving or waxing

When it comes to hydrating and nourishing your skin, be selective. Don’t fall for lower priced products that are full of inexpensive ingredients known as occlusives. These, occlusives are used in low-end products that just work to trap your skin’s moisture inside, but do little to add valuable hydration to the skin. If you want vibrant skin, that reflects light and is plump and beautiful. You need to use products that have sophisticated ingredients.

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