In the world of shaving and waxing it’s a daily occurrence to traumatize the skin. It’s a simple and basic expectation that every esthetician, barber and hair stylist needs to mange with every client. When you shave or wax a client – they’re going to show some level of irritation. Starting off the treatment with a conversation about the discomfort and level of irritation they’ll have during and post treatment will help you look more experienced and professional.

Many women have girl friends who help them understand what to expect during a waxing treatment – they also have confidants who they can go to after a wax to discuss “how it looks” or ask “is this is normal?”. Men on the other hand rarely discuss their waxing or shaving treatments, forcing many of them to endure the discomfort and possible post treatment issues without proper treatment.   Be sure to educate your male clients about ingredients that they can use to help alleviate some of their pain.

Top 3 Calming Ingredients

Pain Killer

PH Balancer
Aids In Skin Repair

Almond Oil
Skin Lightening
PH Balancer

PFB Vanish Man Mask features all 3 of these ingredients. It should be applied directly after treatment to help calm and cool the treated area. It also has our special ingredients to help eliminate ingrown hairs and subsequent razor bumps. If you’d like to learn more about PFB Man Mask – Click Here.