It happens, slowly and gradually. Before you know it – you’re looking in the mirror at a face that has subtly changed. There are probably some very specific things that you’re noticing on your own skin that have changed over recent years. The changes that you’re noticing fall into very specific categories. Any esthetician can explain into which category your concerns fall.

4 Signs Of Skin Aging

  1. Fine Lines
    This is usually the first tell tale sign! Crow’s feet around the eye are the beginning of the skin aging process.
  1. Age Spots
    Small patches of discoloration on the skin’s surface that are the result of UVA/UVB exposure.
  1. Dull Skin
    Skin looses its ability to reflect light and appears dull and white/greyish.
  1. Sagging Skin
    Loss of collagen results in a loss of volume usually noticed around the mouth with what are called parenthesis on each side of the mouth.

Factors in the Skin Aging Process
Skin aging begins to show signs in the late 20’s and early 30’s. Different skin tones also face different challenges in the aging process. Individuals with lighter skin tones tend to experience fine lines and sagging skin while those with darker skin tones face hyperpigmentation (age spots).

Lifestyle is also a key factor in the speed of skin aging.

  • Diet
  • Level of sun exposure
  • Health and wellness habits
  • Daily skincare product use

These factors determine which signs of aging appear first and how early they begin to appear.

Fighting the Skin Aging Process
Early use of sunscreen, antioxidants and a sophisticated moisturizer can stave off signs of aging. As we age, it’s suggested to

  • Increase the frequency of chemical and manual exfoliation with a product such as the PFB Vanish Liquid Luffa. The skin’s natural exfoliation process slows down as we age, allowing dead skin cells to build up on the surface dulling skin and increasing the appearance of fine lines. Increased exfoliation removes the dead skin cells allowing the skin to appear smoother and brighter.


  • Individuals can also include a skin-lightening agent such as Lumen8 with Chromabright®, into their daily skincare routine, to help fight against the hyperpigmentation that is a result of daily UVA/UVB exposure. This will help to even out skin tone and eliminate dark spots.

Pre-mature skin aging is a factor that everyone faces. The process can be managed with proper skincare products, lifestyle changes and skin care treatments by qualified skincare professionals.