The Super Bowl is over and Valentine’s Day is behind us. With those two monumental winter events done, it’s time to look forward to spring. There’s much to do in the spa world to prepare for this new and busy season. Spring is the time of year when all of our amazing clients come out of their winter hibernation in search of spring primping. One of the most popular services booked in the spring is waxing.

Every esthetician will tell you that giving an amazing waxing service to a new client is the perfect way to gain a loyal client for life. Many of these clients come back for more than just waxing – they can become some of your best skincare, and massage clients as well.

We’ve created PFB’s Perfect Wax 4 Step Guide

  1. Numb IT
    No matter how talented and savvy a waxer, every esthetician’s waxing treatment brings their client some level of pain. There’s just no need for that. Apply Numb IT prior to your waxing treatment and your client will LOVE you even more!
  1. Wax
    This is your moment! This is where your art as an esthetician has a chance to shine. Be fast, be efficient and communicate the whole way through.
  1. Bikini Mask/Man Mask
    After the wax your clients’ skin is in a vulnerable state. Bringing that skin back into a calm state is crucial. We have 2 botanical, hydrating, leave-on masks that are designed to calm, cool and soothe irritated skin from hair removal. They also contain special ingredients to help eliminate ingrown hairs. Bikini Mask and Man Mask, both are ideal for face and body and can be used on even the most intimate of areas.
  1. PFB Vanish or PFB Vanish with Chromabright
    Our team suggests a post treatment layering of products for maximum protection against ingrown hairs that can result in unsightly razor bumps. After the Bikini mask or Man Mask has dried, add a layer of PFB Vanish or PFB Vanish with Chromabright if the client has dark skin tones.

If you follow our 4 step guide to the perfect waxing service, your clients will have a virtually pain free experience. They will leave with minimal irritation, as they are benefiting from the soothing botanicals and specialized ingredients that eliminate ingrown hairs. You can also offer all 5 of these amazing products for sale in your retail area.