Waxing armpit

For some it’s daily maintenance, for others it’s a weekly chore, for still others it’s a seasonal clean up – we’re talking about HAIR REMOVAL. No matter the reason or frequency, the fact is — many people – both men and women have hair on their bodies that they don’t want. Ladies and gentlemen take great pains (pun intended), to remove their body hair through various methods.
One of the most popular forms or hair removal is shaving. Men shaving their face and women shaving their armpits and legs are the 3 most common areas. However, women will often need to shave their belly and bikini area, while men also will shave their necks, chest, back, legs and belly. Shaving can leave the skin dry, inflamed and open to irritating razor bumps caused by ingrown hairs. Anyone with very course hair is predisposed to ingrown hairs.

Waxing is most commonly associated with eyebrows, it can be the quickest method to clean up and shape brows. Generally, women tend to have their brows waxed more than men. Women also use waxing to clean up other facial areas such as lip and chin. Bikini waxes and leg waxes tend to be popular waxing services also. In recent years the Brazilian wax has been hugely popular. In many urban areas, men tend to wax their backs, legs, chest and bikini area also. Waxing is harsh exfoliation and leaves the skin exposed and vulnerable to ingrown hairs. The skin requires the application of products that will reduce inflammation.

Chemical depilatories (creams, lotions and gels) are another hair removal method primarily used for legs and arms. These products can be caustic and harsh and are generally not designed for use on the face. Depilatory creams also generally have a reputation for having a foul odor and for irritating the skin. As with any hair removal process, anyone with course hair will be predisposed to ingrown hairs that can leave razor bumps. The skin will be irritated after, requiring the application of a product to reduce any discomfort.

One of the fastest growing segments of the hair removal market is laser hair removal. While no one can claim any treatment is permanent, lasers are used to kill the hair follicle so hair no longer grows. As technology continues to advance – lasers are becoming more efficient and effective. New lasers are being introduced that are pain free – gone are the days of the harsh and painful laser treatments. Laser hair removal needs to be done in a series of services over the course of 4 – 7 weeks depending on individual hair variables. The skin can be left with irritation after treatments requiring the application of a product to ease and soothe the skin.

A popular hair removal method that’s becoming more and more popular every year. Sugar is mixed with water, salt apple cider or lemon juice, then heated until golden brown. It’s allowed to cool and then pulled, like taffy. The resulting product, has the consistency of silly puddy and is applied to the skin and then ripped off to remove the hair. This process is repeated just like waxing. Sugaring tends to leave the skin less irritated than waxing, however, it still leaves the skin vulnerable to ingrown hairs.

No matter how you remove hair, it’s going to leave your skin with some level of irritation. Applying a product such as PFB Vanish Bikini Mask or PFB Vanish Man Mask after the treatment will help ease any discomfort. Daily use of PFB Vanish will help to eliminate any ingrown hairs and the resulting razor bumps. If skin discoloration from razor bumps is a concern, consider PFB Vanish with Chromabright to eliminated the razor bumps and lighten any affected area