new_backOne of the most popular waxing treatments around is the Brazilian wax. There are many women and some men who have been getting Brazilians for years, these veterans know all there is to know when it comes to preparing for one of the most intimate waxing services. Adequate preparation can mean smooth sailing with lots of smiles versus swimming to shore after the boat capsizes.

Being prepared for a Brazilian can take some work, and for many, booking the service takes a lot of courage, never mind asking about how to get your intimate area ready. We asked the professionals to share with us some of the their secrets.   These women have been in the waxing business for years, so the advice that they give will help you to have a more enjoyable experience.

5 Tips For A Happier Brazilian Wax Experience

 Okema from Okema Diaz Beauty
1. Make sure you are fresh, clean and dry. Wet skin rips and tears easily, do not arrive to your appointment after the gym or any other physical activity.
2. Be prepared to remove your underwear. It’s difficult to wax an intimate area that is covered or blocked with fabric.

Melissa from Maebee’s Beauty Studio
3. Grow your hair out for at least two weeks. Hair that is too short will both break and be tugged BUT not pulled out by the root creating a painful experience and waste of money.

Ashley from The Bronzed Bee
 You’re going to break a big sweat, but don’t worry, even the most seasoned waxer sweats. Don’t be embarrassed.

5. You may be a little sensitive for the next 24 hours, this is normal. We suggest: no sex or spin class 24 hours after a first time Brazilian.

One key piece of advice that estheticians have been telling us for years is to use PFB Vanish roll on 10 days prior to waxing, as this exfoliates and moisturizes the area to be waxed and enables the hair to be removed much more easily.

Be sure to end your waxing treatment with PFB Vanish Bikini Mask or Man Mask to calm and soothe this now sensitive area. You can also use PFB Vanish and PFB Vanish with Chromabright daily to ensure you eliminate ingrown hairs and their subsequent razor bumps.