Body hair – everyone has it. Some have more – some have less. It’s a fact of life, we all know this and understand it. However, when you’re out with your friends at Happy Hour – no one will admit they’re dealing with too much hair in certain places. This is a problem that is shared by both men and women. The United States has seen an increase in the number of male waxing clients to day spas and waxing studios in recent years.

First, there should be #noshame in having body hair. Everyone has it! However, having it doesn’t mean – loving it! There’s a certain stigma that comes with body hair on certain parts of the human body based on gender. We’ve come up with 5 waxing services that need to be brought out into the light of day, because many men and women get these services. We want to “de-shame your secret shame” about these specific treatments.

5 Waxing Services To Proudly Book

  1. Lip Wax
    This is the fastest and easiest waxing service! It’s also one of the most popular – right behind brow wax. In, fact, it’s usually added on to a brow wax in many cases. It doesn’t make you any less of a feminine, beautiful woman if the hair follicles on your upper lip produce hair that is highly visible. Apply a little PFB Vanish Lumen8 after treatment to help reduce inflammation or redness.
  2. Arm Wax
    The same woman who proudly books a full leg wax will often times not want to openly discuss that during the same appointment she opted to have the hair on her arms removed. This service is booked more than you would imagine, especially by women whose hair is more visible based on volume and/or color. After an arm wax, apply PFB Vanish Bikini Mask. Not just for the bikini area, it’s ideal for arms and legs! The Chamomile, Rose and Aloe helps do reduce any discomfort.
  3. Back Wax
    The stigma of a hairy back on men has been prevalent for years. Some men don’t mind having hair on their back and make no attempt to remove it. Other men don’t like it or have partners who do not like it and opt to have it waxed away. However, you’ll be hard pressed to find a man who will openly talk about his latest back wax appointment. No shame guys! We know you’ve got hairy backs and we want you to talk about it! The PFB Vanish Man Mask is ideal to apply after a back wax to help you deal with any discomfort.
  4. Man’Zilian
    Yes, men wax their pubic hair! It’s a fact of life that is becoming more and more part of every day society. What started out as something for athletes has turned into a cultural phenomenon? Don’t hide guys, waxing your Johnson is totally cool! If you wax it – be proud! Remember guys, when you trim the he bushes it makes the Tree look taller! Just be sure to add a little PFB Man Mask to keep your downstairs cool and comfortable.
  5. Butt
    We know some guys’ bottoms have hair, some of the peaches have just a touch of fuzz, and others have some more serious growth. Some men find that it can be uncomfortable because it’s too warm or can get snagged in underwear. That’s why some men opt to go bottoms up and have their butt waxed. This is also another great job for PFB Man Mask; it can help sooth and calm the freshly waxed backside.

So come out of the waxing closet! Let your shame go, grab your favorite PFB Vanish after waxing product and let your flag fly! Ladies show off that smooth upper lip, and those silky smooth arms. Guys – take off your shirts at the pool or the beach and tell everyone, “I waxed this smooth, hot muscular back!” But as far as your Man’Zilian and Butt wax – it’s probably best to find someone that you’re very, very intimate with to show them how, um…. great the down stairs and back door look.