If your skin is getting harder and harder to hydrate, we’re going to go ahead and blame it on the weather! Has your skin lost its luster?  Is it dry?  Is it itchy?  No matter where you live, it’s colder in December, January and February. This means the air is dryer, causing your skin to lose precious moisture to the environment.

Save Your Skin  

Don’t live with rough, dry skin! Your skin loses precious and vital moisture to the cold, dry air during the winter. You can have soft, hydrated skin that glows!  You can save your skin this winter with a few simple steps! 

5 Steps To Save Your Skin In Winter

  1.  Take Cooler Showers
    Ok, not COLD showers! Just make sure the water isn’t too hot!  Extremely hot water pulls oils from your skin causing it to dry out.
  2. Gently Exfoliate
    Use a gentle exfoliator to ensure that you’re removing all the dead skin cells. You can use our Liquid Luffa Scrub, this will help your skin to absorb moisture easily and improve its luminosity, giving it a healthy glow! 
  3. Use A Body Lotion
    Nothing will ensure your that your skin will be hydrated like using a high quality body lotion.  Our Lumen8 Lotion is a drink of water for your whole body! It will also help to even out skin tone because it’s fortified with Chromabright©.  
  4. Use A Leave On Mask
    Here’s a little secret, want to get super hydration for your skin?  Use a leave on mask – which isn’t “really” just a mask.  It’s also a heavy moisturizer. Our BinkiMask and ManMask, are great to give your skin a burst of hydration in the stark winter cold.
  5. Drink More Water +Exercise
    It’s never bad advice.  But nothing givesthe skin a healthy glow like a big glass of water and brisk walk! Hydrating your body, helps it function optimally, which is amazing forthe skin!  And getting your blood pumpingis also a great way to get fresh oxygen into your skin cells.  Pleaseconsult your physician before starting any type of exercise plan or changingyour water consumption. 

These are 5 easy steps that you can take to avoid scratching your dehydrated skin this winter.  Our PFB Vanish line of products can help you to have soft, glowing skin all winter.  You’re on your own for the increased water intake and exercise.