We’ve all seen the movie where a famous actor has hot wax poured on his chest and beings screaming uncontrollably as the hair and wax are viciously pulled off of his skin. This has scarred men from getting waxed much like the movie Jaws scared an entire generation of people from swimming in the ocean. We all have that one friend who loves to scuba dive who explains to us that the probability of getting bit by a shark is less than being struck by lighting! In much the same way – we’re here to help our Male Waxing Virgins understand how it really goes.

We’ve asked a list of pro’s who have been waxing men for year to help us dispel the bad wrap that waxing gets! While it’s not the most pleasant experience – it’s definitely a service that many men do get, no need to be embarrassed or even apprehensive. The most important thing to do is make sure you find the right person to do your waxing. We encourage you to ask how long the esthetician has been waxing and possibly even ask to chat with he or she about how they perform the service. Many estheticians understand the need to help put men at ease before the treatment – if the work to help relax you on before the treatment, you can count on your service being as smooth as your back or chest after the wax.

5 Tips For Male Waxing Virgins

I find that first timers need some friendly guidance.  I tell them that it will hurt BUT not as bad as 40-Year-Old Virgin makes it out to be. I have yet to come across a guy that does not know this reference. To ease their minds I’ll do a small space on the inner wrist so they are mentally prepared about the warmth of the wax and the sensation from pulling the wax. I engage them in conversation on a topic that seems to be of interest to the client. It could be the weather, hobbies, family/relationship, etc. I work to get a fluid and natural dialogue going, they usually relax and are more at ease with the pulling part of waxing.” LINDSAY

“So I just try to keep conversation going. I like to give them a towel to drap themselves with so they don’t feel totally exposed. I always tell them that I like to wax as quickly as possible and even ask them to stick with me. I promise them they’ll be done in a flash. It always makes them laugh and puts them at ease.” ASHLEY

“I give them gentle instructions so they know what to expect. If they are getting a Brazilian, I use a towel for modesty. When removing the hair, I always ask the client to breathe out on “3”.   I count 1 – 2 – 3 and pull the strip. OKEMA

“The most important thing that I do is to make them feel completely comfortable with me. I explain the process to them so they know exactly what to expect. They have probably played this service over and over again in their mind, and thanks to the Internet and certain movies, the reel that plays it as a horror film. Humor also goes a long way. Make them laugh and get them talking and they often forgot about the task at hand.” KATE

“I tell my first time clients, (who are all men as we’re a men’s salon) that most people, both men and women alike, groom more than just their hair. I tell them to look at any fitness magazine where there is a shirtless guy on the cover or look to any lead actor in a movie. Those guys have all been groomed from head to toe by a professional. That is the standard that is being set for men, I also ensure them that they are not the first or only man to get waxed.” CALEB

We also encourage every esthetician to offer post procedure care recommendations. We suggest PFB Vanish or PFB Vanish with Chromabright, to be applied on a daily basis to prevent in grown hairs, avoid using them for 24 hours after waxing.   However, an ideal product is the PFB Vanish Man Mask, a soothing rich botanical cream that can be applied immediately after waxing to help soothe and calm the skin.