Rip! Scrape! Pull! Zap!
Waxing – Shaving – Lasering – Sugaring – Electrolysis.   No matter how you do it, it leaves your skin somewhat irritated. Removing unwanted hair from the body requires either shaving, waxing, lasers, sugaring or electrolysis. Each of these treatments brings with it a set of side effects that need to be treated.

Regardless of the treatment – after all of the ripping, zapping and scraping, the skin needs to be re-hydrated, calmed and nourished. If an individual has sensitive skin, there can be a greater risk to these adverse effects of inflammation and erythema (surface redness). These need to be treated with specific ingredients that will help to calm, moisturize and condition the skin.


3 Ingredients To Treat Skin After Hair Removal

Copper PCA
A Copper Salt used to condition and moisturizes the skin. It will help also help to firm the skin by strengthening collagen.

A humectant that attracts moisture to the skin allowing the skin to gain lost moisture.

An anti-inflammatory that will help to bring the skin back into stasis after the trauma of Rip! Pull! Scrape! Zap!

Men and women have been removing hair for a long time, but no longer need to suffer the post treatment stress. With the advances in the skincare, beauty and cosmetic products industry we are able to harness the power of these healing ingredients. PFB Vanish Bikini Mask and Man Mask are ideal products for use post – hair removal to help stop the suffering and start the healing process.