Now what?

iStock_000067092969_Double copyOne of the most popular waxing services at spas and salons is the Brazilian wax. This service involves all of the pubic hair being removed, which means that a very sensitive area is left in a state of mild irritation and sensitivity. It’s not a serious situation, but maintaining comfort After The Wax is really very simple.

Many times women may not feel comfortable discussing the very frank topics about caring for themselves after a “trip to Brazil”. Which can lead to additional unnecessary discomfort. Creating an open dialogue for post waxing care is vital.

We reached out to professionals who have been in the spa industry for decades.   We asked them for their advice on how to care for “down there” After The Wax. We were thrilled at their candor and grateful for the very sage advice.

Post Brazilian Care: 5 Tips From The Pro’s

Mimi and Kate, Pure Spa

  1. Avoid tight clothing, no under garments if possible, allow the skin to breathe.
  2. Moisturize with a post treatment product.
  3. Avoid the sun for 24-48 hours After The Wax, as waxing removes skin as well which can heighten sensitivity and sunburn. If you can’t avoid the sun, wear sunscreen!! Zinc and titanium dioxide sunscreen are suggested.
  4. Avoid the sauna or steam 24 – 48 hours After The Wax. Waxing heats up the body, so too much heat won’t be any fun.

Ashley, The Bronzed Bee

  1. We suggest: no sex or spin class 24 hours After The Wax

So now you know. It’s best to strategically plan out your Brazilian waxing appointment to make sure you can avoid spin class, sex, sun exposure and the sauna for 24 – 48 hours. Be sure to use a post treatment moisturizer, such as PFB Vanish Bikini Mask and allow the waxed area to breath by wearing a loose fitting garment and forego panties the after the treatment.

Following these tips will help you to have a more pleasant experience with your Brazilian waxing service. A reminder that 48 hours After The Wax you should begin to apply PFB Vanish daily to help eliminate ingrown hairs and their subsequent razor bumps. If you tend to have skin discoloration from razor bumps use PFB Vanish with Chromabright to eliminate the razor bumps and keep your skin even toned.