By Barry Eichner

Are leave on masks really effective in nourishing skin?  Ever wonder if they work or if it’s all just a bunch of mumbo jumbo made up by the skincare industry to increase sales?

Masks have been around forever. They’ve been a part of skincare since the Egyptians used clay and essential oils on their skin for routine beauty treatments. There are many types of masks; each type is ideal for specific skin types. The type of mask is also specific to its ingredients. Clay masks are good for deep cleaning oily skin. Charcoal masks for pore reduction. Gel masks to infuse antioxidants for mature skin. Hydrating masks are ideal for dry or sensitive skin.

When a person shaves or waxes, it’s an intense exfoliation of the skin, which can cause drying. An optimal method to improve the moisture content in the skin is to apply a hydrating mask. These hydrating masks tend to be cream based as opposed to the traditional clay based masks. Often times hydrating masks are not the type that harden and need to be washed off with warm water. Many popular hydrating masks are a “leave on mask”.

While the base of a hydrating mask is designed to be highly nourishing to the skin many brands add a hint of tingly mint in the formulation that can help stimulate blood circulation. There can also be calming botanicals added to help calm the skin and reduce inflammation.

We’ve created 2 hydrating masks in the PFB Vanish line to help nourish and feed the skin after shaving or waxing. Man Mask is an invigorating hydrating mask with an almond oil base that is infused with Peppermint to offer a bracing sensation on the skin after shaving. While Bikini Mask’s inclusion of Chamomile extract in a soothing almond oil base promotes calming and healing for the most intimate of areas. Both have the key PFB Vanish ingredients that also help to eliminate ingrown hairs. So not only are you hydrating, you’re also preventing razor bumps and their subsequent dark spots.

When it comes to cleansing and nourishing the skin, there are many different options. One of the most healing and soothing options for skin that has experienced deep exfoliation is a is a hydrating mask, you can rely on the PFB Vanish Man Mask and Bikini Mask as trusted options to help your skin look fresh, radiant and razor bump free!