Let’s go back to New Year’s Eve, just 32 days ago.  You made the New Year’s Resolution to clean up your lifestyle.  You said, “Beach bodies are built in the winter!”  After a few flutes of champagne, you were fully committed to making healthy food choices and moving more every day.  It sounded great and were ready to start 2019 with a bang. 

January came and you were going strong.  You choose better lunch options when you ordered.  You started to do more exercise – whatever form that was – you were doing it.  Progress was happening and you were feeling great.

Then the polar vortex hit.  It forced everyone indoors, in some parts of the country it was deemed “unsafe” to be outdoors.  It forced you to be sedentary.  There you were trapped in the house, with nothing to do but watch Netflix, scroll through Instagram and ignore the yummy muniches calling you from the kitchen.  

So the Polar Vortex was a reality, but it doesn’t need to derail you from your goals.  Remember let February 1st be the day you that you re-committ to your goals of getting into shape by making better food choices and moving more.  You can do it! 

Give yourself the tools you need to succeed.  You can use a food journal or log your food on a smartphone app. You can join a workout class and get a few work out buddies.  Having friends to meet up with and enjoy the class makes it more fun! 

You can also get products to help your body, help itself.  The PFB Vanish Skini Cream is a caffeine infused body shaper and cellulite smoothing cream that firms, Re-contours and hydrates.  A body cream formulated to improve the appearance of a tighter abdomen, slimmer thighs and overall smoother skin. This lightweight formula glides on easily and absorbs quickly to stimulate and energize the skin for visible results.

February can be the month that you reclaim your goal.  Assess your progress and see where you stand.  Then you can create a whole new plan to get you to your goal – you’re going to get that #beachbody this winter!