Yes, don’t be shocked. The holiday decorations are packed away. The Valentine’s Day chocolates and flowers are a thing of the past. Now it’s time to start thinking about warm weather and the all fun that spring and summer can bring!

12 Weeks To Swim Suit Season
Spring is around the corner. Memorial Day is just 12 weeks away! As we let go of winter and start to focus on spring, we have to face the harsh facts that we are going to be in a swimsuit sooner than later.

Here’s The Skini On Cellulite
Don’t freak out! We’ve got some great ideas for you! We’re sure you’re going to start watching those calories and maybe getting back to the gym or pilates studio. It’s an ideal time to start using the PFB Vanish Skini Cream. This caffeine infused anti-cellulite cream will help your body naturally flush out toxins and enhance your figure.

Knock Out Dark Spots
If you’re experiencing any ingrown hairs or dark spots from shaving or waxing, you have plenty of time to get rid of them. The PFB Vanish ULTRA takes 8 weeks to help eliminate dark spots. ULTRA also offers some serious antioxidant protection! So get started as soon as possible.

Soothe After Shaving
If you plan on doing your own hair removal at home by shaving, make sure your soothe and calm your skin after you shave with our Bikini Mask or Man Mask, these two botanical products will take away any post shave burn, help calm the skin, and begin the natural healing process. Most importantly they will also help to eliminate ingrown hairs!

Take on summer with a smile. Make sure you’re ready. A fresh glow from a healthy workout along with some soothing and calming products that eliminate any ingrown hairs or their subsequent dark spots will make sure you look smooth and gorgeous.