by Barry Eichner

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to offer your clients this fall and winter, that will increase both your treatment revenues and your retail sales, we have just the solution – create a seasonal special peel. You can offer a dual action Walnut Powder Scrub Fruit/Glycolic Acid Facial Peel that can be added it into an appropriate facial. You can also educate your client how using a dual exfoliation product on a regular basis at home can help them have fresh, glowing skin regularly. Easily offer this treatment with an all in one product. Liquid Luffa Scrub is ideal for use in treatment and retail sales.

We reached out to one of our biggest fans, Julio Mendez of WaxMan Spa in Chicago to talk to us about the services and products he sells at WaxMan Spa.

“PFB Vanish makes a remarkable product for exfoliation called Liquid Luffa Scrub, that eliminates guesswork and extra cost with a synergistic blend of physical and chemical ingredients for a TRUE dual-exfoliation product. Using beneficial and proven ingredients such as Glycolic Acid, Papaya Fruit Acid and Walnut Powder for a professional in-spa treatment or home regimen.

In our modern fast paced knowledgeable savvy world, a successful professional esthetician must learn how to customize every aspect of the client experience to deliver the short and long-term results you both are looking for. Liquid Loofa is a true dual-exfoliating product that saves time, money and delivers professional results. “ Julio Mendez

Julio has found success by incorporating Liquid Luffa Scrub into his professional treatments and by offering it at retail to his clients for use at home. We asked him to tell us about this.

“As a spa owner I have had employees that hate to sell product. There are countless articles and classes to teach sales and how crucial it is to run a thriving business with repeat clientele. In my opinion, a 2-in-1 product makes it much easier for my employees to offer our clients. Who wouldn’t feel more confident offering two products for the price of one without compromising professional results?” Julio Mendez

You can feel confident offering this dual exfoliation scrub to your clients. Allow your clients to enjoy the benefits of the manual scrub and chemical exfoliation during one of your skincare treatments and then send them home with Liquid Luffa Scrub to continue the great benefits. Every time your clients look in the mirror they will think of you and how you’ve helped them look so radiant.