Dark spots or hyperpigmentation have become the leading global skin care concern.  As the skin care industry continues to expand and grow, it’s encompassing more and more consumers world-wide.  As the global market expands the overwhelming concern of the majority has become treating hyperpigmentation.  

Face – New Triple AntiOX Serum

PFB.skin – Triple AntiOX Serum

In response to that growing need and to the overwhelming demand for PFB Vanish body products, PFB Vanish has launched PFB.skin.  A 4-step, easy to use, system has been designed by PFB Vanish, Triple AntiOX Serum, the inaugural product, complete with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid in a hyaluronic base is available now. The complete PFB.skin line will debut, summer 2020!

Triple AntiOX Serum by pfb.skin uses Ascorbic Acid, Alpha Tocopherol, and Ferulic Acid to provide virtually complete AntiOXidant protection. The sodium hyaluronate base will leave your skin perfectly hydrated.  Skin will be brighter, firmer and show fewer fine lines and wrinkles

Face + Intimate Areas – Brightening Roll Ons 


If you have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation aka a dark spot after an ingrown hair as the result from hair removal.  PFB Vanish + CHROMABRIGHT was created to help eliminate the dark spots from the face, legs, underarms and the bikini area.  

ULTRA by PFB Vanish

ULTRA™ by PFB Vanish has stronger protective, moisturizing and regenerating effects on the skin, and an enhanced ability to correct, brighten and protect from skin imperfections with four powerful skin lightening ingredients: shiitake mushroom, white water lily flower, plankton extract, and Chromabright. 

Body – Brightening Moisturizer

Lumen8 Lotion

Lumen8 Lotion gives your skin the maximum glow by adding the natural hydration found in Lumen8 Lotion. You can brighten and hydrate!  Even out skin tone, while visibly reducing the appearance of any dark spots, sun damage or hyperpigmentation. You’ll have a sexy, luminescent glow with even skin tone all day long!  Lumen8 Lotion has powerful brighteners to help lift dark spots anywhere on the body in as little as 8 weeks when used regularly.  

Now, PFB Vanish and PFB.skin are the perfect skin and body care line to help treat hyperpigmentation. Developed over the past 25 years, to ensure the high quality products providing the most effective results.