Labor Day Is On The Way

As Seen on Lipgloss and Aftershave We know!  It’s depressing, as the calendar turns from July to August it means that summer is winding down.  The last warm weather holiday we have on the horizon is Labor Day, that festive weekend that marks the end of summer and our transition into Fall. Are you ready? [...]

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Want ULTRA Protection After Hair Removal?

If you’re tired of ingrown hairs and the dark spots that come with them, then pay attention! If you want an extra dose of antioxidants on freshly shaved or waxed skin to add additional protection against free radicals and environmental pollutants, then you want ULTRA protection! PFB ULTRA Get ULTRA protection from the ultimate triple-action [...]

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Winter Body – Swim Suit Ready?

It’s January! It’s a new year – yay! But for most of the U.S., it’s cold and dark. It’s time to get away! Winter vacation season is on! For the next 8 weeks people will be flocking to anywhere that’s warm! No matter if it’s Florida, Mexico, The Caribbean, The Mediterranean, Los Angeles, or a [...]

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Gift Them Glowing Skin This Holiday

Everyone’s got long lists of gifts to buy! It’s that time of year where friends and loved ones are looking to express their gratitude. Finding the perfect gift is the best way to let someone know how much you care! Finding the perfect gift can be no small task. We know that it’s not something [...]

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Guys Holiday Grooming Guide

It’s the holiday season, time for parties, get-togethers and all sorts of events. Everyone wants to look their best. Guys included! No guy wants to walk around with razor burn, razor bumps or dark spots on their face and neck. This year, hit all those parties looking tight! Smooth shaven and with no bumps or [...]

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Summer Casualty: Even Toned Skin!

Ah…. September, pumpkin spiced everything, no more beach, no more pool, and it’s getting dark at 7. If you’re a fan of summer, this is a sad time of year. Time to put away the beach bags and bikini and pull out the sweaters and jeans. There’s another by product of the changing season. Your [...]

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