It’s the time of year where you’ll be in front of a smart phone camera nearly every day snapping a pic to capture the moment. Yes, holiday parties with family and friends are just around the corner. You’ll be dressing up, showing off and showing out!

Want to make sure you’re ready to show out? Then don’t step out with dark spots. They can pop up where ever you shave or wax. There’s no need to cover up – you can face the holidays – fresh faced!

We know guys, if you’ve got coarse hair, shaving can be brutal! It can give you razor burn and ugly ingrown hairs! Then, if you’ve got a darker skin tone, those ingrown hairs can leave a dark spot!

Don’t stress shaving this holiday season! Just follow the advice from the beauty blogger’s at Lipgloss + Aftershave! They love PFB Vanish and wrote an article that showcases how to use PFB Vanish for The Perfect Shave!

Find the perfect party dress? Sleeveless? Short skirt? Is it so cute? Can’t wait to wear it? Make sure you’re ready to show a little leg. Make sure you can hold your smart phone high in the air without worrying about any discoloration in your underarm from shaving.

PFB Vanish Has A Solution
If you’re ready to Face The Holidays – Fresh Faced, then PFB Vanish has products to get you ready for those #selfies! PFB Vanish has products to give you the confidence to show a little leg!

Guys, after you shave make sure you use the PFB Vanish Man Mask to soothe and calm your skin. Then the PFB Vanish + CHROMABRIGHT and PFB Vanish ULTRA, will make sure ingrown hairs are a thing of the past. These two products will also help knock out any dark spots.

Ladies, the Bikini Mask is great to apply after waxing, sugaring or shaving to help calm your skin down! You can use the PFB Vanish + CHROMABRIGHT and PFB Vanish ULTRA daily to help fight against razor bumps and dark spots. Finally, you can use the Lumen8 Lotion on your legs, bikini area, and underarms for an added dose of brightening any dark spots!

Enjoy the holidays this year! Raise a glass, show up and show out! You can smile and enjoy the season with confidence knowing that the trusted PFB Vanish products are giving you glowing, even-toned, beautiful skin.