“I love the summer. I love the amazing weather, the beach, travel, the barely-there outfits. What I don’t like, however, is my bikini line. I’ve been shaving or using hair removal creams down there for a majority of my life, with a few waxing visits sprinkled in between. Let’s face it, waxing is not only expensive, but it’s painful. So, I’ve tried to avoid it by doing my own at home hair removal process. This has been better on my pockets, but it’s left me with a number of ingrown hairs, bumps, and scars that I’m not really fond of. Every summer I say I’m going to buckle down and fix this, and finally, I did. While reading an article on I came across a brand called PFB Vanish that they mentioned was one of the best when it comes to treating your bikini line.” Read Full Article….