Get Refreshed This Spring

It’s happening this weekend!  We’re so excited! It’s time to spring ahead!  YAY!

Sunshine until 7 pm!  It’s glorious. It’s like a weight is being lifted and we are being give a new lease on life.  Now if we can just get a few days with temperatures in the 70’s we’ll be doing great!

The longer days filled with sunlight, are invigorating.  It’s like being lifted out of a dull funk. We love it! It’s as if Mother Nature is inviting everyone to take a deep breath!  

Maybe you’ve been feeling a little dull after months of cold, short days!  But no more! It’s time to think spring! Longer days just make you want to refresh and renew!  

Refresh Your Skin By Exfoliating

Nothing helps your skin feel refreshed than a good scrub!  Want to feel lighter and more alive? Exfoliate your skin! We have an incredible scrub for your face and body that will help you renew!  Liquid Luffa Scrub  is a finely abrasive biodegradable scrub to remove dead skin cells on the face, hands or body consisting of Palm, Crushed Walnut Powder along with 6% Glycolic acid. Liquid Luffa is Eco-friendly and does NOT contain any plastic particles.

Liquid Luffa To Prep Before You Shave

Yes, Liquid Luffa is great for an all over face & body scrub!  It can help you feel renewed from head to toe. It’s also great way to help prep your skin before you shave.  Guys you can gently massage it into your skin 3 times a week on your face and neck to prep your skin for a closer shave.  Ladies, you can do the same prep for any areas that you shave. However, if you do wax and get the occasional ingrown hair, it’s an ideal scrub to use 3 times a week to help “lift” ingrown hairs.  

After You Scrub

It’s great to use an exfoliating scrub to help keep the skin’s surface smooth.  When you exfoliate the skin is stripped of dirt, debris and dead skin, which preps the skin for shaving.  It also brings fresh new cells to the surface that are primed to receive nourishment. It’s the perfect time to treat and hydrate the skin.

If you’re looking to sculpt your body and work on the sexy summer silhouette, you can apply our Skini Cream to give you smoother, firmer skin on our abdomen and thighs.  If you want to even out skin tone, while you hydrate, apply our Lumen8 Lotion.  Guys, it’s really important to treat your skin after you shave.  We have our Man Mask, just apply it to your face and neck, it will cut down any redness, rehydrate so you won’t have any residual dryness after shaving and it will help prevent any ingrown hairs.  Ladies, our Bikini Mask will work the same for you, it’s great for Bikini, Underarm and legs.  

Summer Will Be Great

You will have gorgeous, glowing skin and Summer will be great!  You’ll be able to wear that summer swim suit with confidence. Spring is just enough time to exfoliate and treat so that you’re skin will be smooth, firm and even toned for summer!  S