By Barry Eichner

As we head from summer into fall, along with the change of seasons, you may see a difference in your skin. Maybe, you’re looking in the mirror and you’re just not seeing that glow that used to be there. Don’t get down on your skin.

As we transition from summer to fall, the skin can go through some changes. The excess build up of dead skin cells from tanning over the summer can cause your skin to look dull. These surface dead skin cells do not reflect light so your skin won’t have that luminescent glow.

Many skin care professionals discourage any type of exfoliation during the summer. Estheticians just know that their clients will have more sun exposure. It’s a common theme in the skincare industry to pull back on exfoliation treatments, which can add to the dullness of a complexion by summer’s end. Fall is definitely the season for exfoliation treatments.

We reached out to Julio Mendez, Esthetician and owner of WaxMan Spa in Chicago to ask him about exfoliation.

Exfoliation is one of the most important aspects of a skincare regimen as well as a professional facial treatment. It can deliver immediate, visible results in the look and feel of the skin.” Julio Mendez

We couldn’t agree more with how important it is to exfoliate the skin.

In the skincare game, there are two types of exfoliation – Manual and Chemical. Manual exfoliation is when some sort of abrasive is used on the skin to physically scrub away the surface dirt and debris. Facial scrubs, microdermabrasion and Dermaplaning are examples of manual exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation is when a chemical is applied to the skin that works to melt the “glue” that holds the skin cells together. As this “glue” is melted the skin cells can be easily washed away. There are many different types and strengths of chemicals to use. The most commons are glycolic acid, salicylic acid and lactic acid.

Dual Exfoliation Treatment

One of the most impactful exfoliation treatments is when a product or a service is able to offer dual exfoliation. This is when chemical and manual exfoliation are combined at the same time. We asked Julio his thoughts…

“The manual scrub removes the surface dead skin cells and debris.  The chemical portion then gets to work on the next layer, producing a deeper exfoliation, allowing newer skin to come to the surface.  This new layer of skin offers a fresh, radiant glow.  Pores, lines and dark spots are minimized.  The chemical exfoliators often have a lasting affect that will help to firm dermal collagen.” Julio Mendez

Many spas offer services where they combine microdermabrasion with a chemical peel. These treatments leave the clients’ skin looking fresh and radiant. The new skin that is brought to life is bright, firm and beautiful.

If you can’t get to a spa for a dual exfoliation treatment, you can give yourself a similar treatment at home with PFB Vanish’s Liquid Luffa Scrub. This amazing product has crushed Walnut powder as the manual exfoliant and 6% Glycolic Acid at the chemical exfoliant. Used as directed this product will help you achieve a radiant glow this fall. It’s ideal to use during a series of Dual Exfoliation peels from your favorite spa to enhance the benefits.