by Barry Eichner, Spa Industry Expert

ShavingMen are taught to be tough and strong and not complain about pain. “Suck it up.” “Walk it off.” “Take it like a man.” You’ve heard these sayings that teach young boys that, to be a man you endure pain. It’s part of the overall culture; men are to be strong and not to complain about discomfort.

There are many men who wake up each morning and face a task that brings them great discomfort. It’s an every day task that ends up being painful and irritating. Many guys don’t discuss it – they just endure it.

For a majority of the men who shave, it can be a relatively painless and easy task that is performed every day. Many men’s facial skin can and hair texture are such that shaving is simple and easy. However, many men who have thick, coarse hair and sensitive skin – shaving can be a really irritating and can cause great discomfort.

Smooth Shaving Tips
Shaving can be made tolerable, even enjoyable for guys with coarse hair and sensitive skin.

  • Proper shaving techniques

  • High quality shave products

  • Top notch razor

However, for some, even these Smooth Shaving Tips leave a guy’s skin irritated and open to in-grown hairs or razor bumps. Many guys with dark skin tones will also be left with scar or dark spot on their face and neck after a razor bump. These guys need a special product to help them eliminate razor bumps!

Don’t let male skincare clients suffer.

What To Look For

  • Irritation on their face or neck.

  • In-grown hairs or razor bumps on neck.

  • Dark Spots on the jaw line or neck.

  • Men who have facial hair, but express that they don’t like it.

  • Men who object to skincare products or treatments because they have sensitive skin.

PFB Vanish with Chromabright© and Man Mask were designed to help manage situations like this.

Man Mask is ideal to apply to skin every day after shaving it will soothe and calm skin that gets red, irritated and even bleeds after shaving. The natural botanicals will calm and help the healing process while eliminating in-grown hairs.

PFB Vanish with Chromabright can be applied to the nape of the neck and jaw line to eliminate razor bumps and help even out skin tone that has dark spots where razor bumps once were. These 2 products can help men be smooth shaving from now on!