By Barry Eichner

man holding man maskGuys, here’s a tip! You don’t have to endure razor burn and razor bumps, it doesn’t make you tougher! You don’t need to suffer – we have a solution for you! Our product line is amazing for men. In order to help prove our point – we decided to enlist the help of some men whose jobs require regular shaving! Professional dancers, professional body builders, professional actors and professional models all have to be able to transform into a totally smooth shaven appearance on a regular basis

If a guy named Tank Joey can apply Man Mask after he shaves, it’s pretty clear that this tough guy is choosing not to suffer!

“As a competitor I have to get rid of all my body hair…this product worked amazing and more than lives up to its product claims” Tank Joey, International Body Builder

We sent the body builders, dancers, actors and models our PFB Vanish Man Mask and our PFB Vanish with Chromabright to try.   Secretly, we knew they’d love it, but we had no idea that they’d have such glowing testimonials.

Here are a few of the testimonials that we received.

 “My clean shaven face brought to you by PFB Vanish. Check ‘em out their stuff is great!” John Halbach, Actor

“I have really thick course hair and shaving has always been a painful experience. Due to my job I have to shave, but the bumps and redness are always a side effect I’ve had to deal with. I just recently tried a couple of products from PFB Vanish and I swear by them now! No bumps, no pain, no redness!” Jeremy LA Based Dancer

“Love PFB Vanish Products – No More Ingrown Hairs Baby!” Johnny, LA Based Actor 

“Modeling Secrets 101: I was introduced to PFB Vanish because of my skin’s harsh reaction to shaving. I had tried the product after product with no relief. However, PFB Vanish is on that finally worked to reduce residual razor bumps as well as prevent irritation and further razor bumps when I shaved my neck or body.” Jason NYC based model.

These men find themselves shaving their whole body on a regular basis. If you suffer from razor burn or razor bumps and their resulting dark spots, don’t take our word for it, take the word of guys who shave a lot!