Summer is a favorite season for many spa clients. Many folks love the sun, the beach, the pool and the various outdoor activities that can be enjoyed. So many clients get beautiful glowing tans.

No matter how your clients get their tan:

  • A self-tanner?
  • A spray-tan?
  • Tan in the sun?

Regardless of how they get their tan – they will want to keep their summer glow for as long as possible. Having smooth and hydrated skin is always a great starting point. If you’re doing a spray tan on a client, it’s a great idea to recommend that they exfoliate before the treatment so they have a smooth and even application.

If they’re tanning outdoors, be sure to recommend a light exfoliation once a week. This will ensure their skin is able soak up as much moisturizer as possible. When their skin is fully hydrated it is able to reflect light and your skin will give off a rich and vibrant golden glow.

Clients can exfoliate with our Liquid Luffa Scrub. This gentle scrub will help to remove surface dead skin cells. It’s full of fruit acids to dissolve the bonds that hold the dead skin cells together. It also uses crushed walnut to manually remove the dead skin cells, exposing new skin cells that are able to reflect light – showing off the rich golden tan.

You can recommend our Lumen8 Lotion for application after exfoliation. This rich moisturizer is full of emollients that will nourish the body. It also contains Chromabright so it will also ensure an even skin tone while moisturizing and hydrating.

Many spa clients know and trust “the Original” PFB Vanish and PFB + Chromabright – these are two of our most popular products that help prevent ingrown hairs and dark spots. If your clients are coming to you for these products, you can help them keep their summer glow will last as long as possible with our complete line of body care products.