Use the PFB Vanish + CHROMABRIGHT roll-on daily either in the morning or at night. 


  • Cleanse the skin with your fingers, blot the skin DRY and DON’T rub with a towel or wash cloth, WAIT 10 minutes and the apply the PFB+CHROMABRIGHT
  • START using every other day. If no irritation after one week of use, being using daily
  • Apply ONE swipe of the PFB+CHROMABRIGHT.  (Don’t roll the roll-on back and forth numerous times). Massage in the skin until dry with finger tips (about 15 seconds or until the gel has absorbed). DON’T leave gel on the skin (without rubbing in) as it would act as a peel as peels are to be washed off, if not washed off could cause peeling and discoloration
  • For underarms use a FRAGRANCE FREE deodorant but follow the above directions.  Massage into the skin until absorbed. Do not leave the gel wet on the underarms
  • NEVER use hot wax on your skin if waxing. Use cool or Luke warm wax.  If sugaring only use COLD sugar.
  • You can use hydrocortisone cream on skin after using the PFB+CHROMABRIGHT to help with bumps and healing.

Then apply the Lumen8 Lotion 2 times daily to moisturize and even out skin tone.

It’s vital that you use a tyrosinase inhibitor on a daily basis to help eliminate dark spots. This will help to lighten the dark spots on the skin.  These dark spots are a result of trauma to the skin, UV exposure or other factors.  After the skin is exfoliated with the PFB+CHROMABRIGHT roll On, the newer skin cells that come to the surface will show dark spots that are faded. 

Next, you want to moisturize the skin. You can use the Luemen8 Lotion to hydrate and nourish the new skin cells. Lumen8 Lotion is also fortified with Chromabright, to even out skin tone by targeting the darker skin cells.
The results will visibly reverse the appearance of dark spots, melasma, dark spots from acne scars and sun damage, in 4-6 weeks.  Use on face, chest and top of hands.

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This simple 2 Step Duo that takes literally 3 minutes to complete can change your skin tone. Use this 2 Step system daily to see results in no time.  Enjoy smooth, even tones skin in a matter of weeks.

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