liquid luffaThe skin is the body’s largest organ. It is made up of cells that are organized in layers. The top layer is dead skin cells that have worked their way up from lower layers. This is an ongoing process in our skin that happens rapidly when we’re young, but gradually slows over time. As we age the surface dead skin cells tend to remain longer, causing our skin to appear dull, spotted, and wrinkled.

In the world of exfoliating products there are many products to choose from, however, few offer the unique qualities of the New and Improved Liquid Luffa Scrub. It’s Eco-friendly and does NOT contain any plastic particles that can be potentially hazardous to the environment.

The bold new packaging reinforces the high quality product ingredients. The New and Improved Liquid Luffa Scrub now contains, pure – all natural – Crushed Walnut Powder. This gentle, natural ingredient will manually whisk away surface debris and dead skin cells – beautifully buffing and polishing the skin’s surface.

Liquid Luffa Scrub offers 2 times the exfoliation power with the addition of 6% Glycolic Acid and Papaya Fruit Extracts, it works at the cellular level to reveal new and fresh skin cells that are healthy and vibrant – evening out skin tone, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and increasing the skin’s luminosity.

Liquid Luffa Scrub is ideal as Step 1 in PFB Vanish’s 2 Step Brightening System. Step two is the application of Lumen8 Lotion™ with Chromabright® and is available in a 4 oz. tube with a flip top cap. It is available at wholesale pricing to spa and salon industry professionals for use in treatment and sale.