by Barry Eichner, Spa Industry Expert

iStock_000067092969_Double copyThe official start to the summer season is just weeks away, with warmer weather and longer, brighter days there are many changes that come with the new gorgeous summer weather. There are many things to plan for the summer’s beauty routine.   Nail colors get brighter, hair gets a few more highlights, and fresher colors for lip and eyes come into the make up palette.

Prepping for the first beach or pool weekend of the year can be a daunting task. The inevitable wardrobe changes to lighter and more revealing clothing. Then there is the new summer swimsuit, the ultimate reminder of the need for a trip to the dreaded waxing room and all of its painful ripping and inevitable ingrown hairs and subsequent dark spots. It’s enough to give the bravest souls a touch of anxiety.

5 Most Popular Memorial Day Prep Waxing Services

1  Bikini/Brazilian
The single most popular waxing service that women receive in preparation for Memorial Day weekend.

2  Leg Wax
No one wants the arduous task of shaving their legs every single day of a 4-day weekend so they’re smooth and silky on the beach. Waxing your legs ensures slower and softer regrowth allowing you to feel sexy and beautiful Friday- Monday of the 4-day weekend.

3  Underarm
Leave the razor at home – with an underarm wax, you can be confident that you’ll see zero razor stubble on the beach.

4  Belly
No one loves to bring it up, but many estheticians talk of adding on a belly wax for many clients during a bikini wax to eliminate the wisps of hair below the belly button.

5  Back
When guys want to head to the beach, they head to the wax room for freedom from their back hair.

Numb IT
There’s really no need to have any anxiety over the upcoming waxing for Memorial Day. Don’t stress any pain from waxing – use Numb IT to dramatically reduce the level of discomfort. Numb IT has 5% lidocaine, the highest non-prescription lidocaine strength available. It does not interfere with wax and leaves no greasy film on the skin. Physicians have trusted lidocaine for decades as a local anesthetic during minor surgeries. You can trust Numb IT to reduce your discomfort during waxing.

Eliminate Ingrown Hairs & Dark Spots
Make sure you stay free of ingrown hairs and the resulting dark spots that can happen, especially on dark skin tones. It’s no fun to be at the beach in your sexiest swimsuit with bumps from ingrown hairs or a dark spot where a bump once was. Use PFB Vanish with Chromabright daily in your waxed areas to reduce ingrown hairs while lightening any dark spots.

So enjoy Memorial Day weekend, make plans to spend time with family and friends at your favorite spot for fun in the sun. Don’t stress the planning and preparation; it’s all part of the fun and trust that with PFB Vanish in your beach bag, your trip will be smooth sailing.