by Barry Eichner, Spa Industry Expert

wax man spa

Over the past few years we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Julio Mendez, owner of Wax Man Spa in Chicago. He’s one of our biggest fans and runs an amazing business where he uses and sells our products. Julio is a great source of feedback, always letting us know what his clients are saying about the products. We also learn so much from Julio about new and exciting things we can do to improve. He’s also given us ideas for product development, product education and training for spas and salons that use our products.

We’d like you to get to know Julio! The beauty industry is in his blood, he grew up surrounded by family members that account for decades of beauty experience, has gone to one of the most respected schools and has worked with some incredible product lines. We’re so flattered that he wants to work with us to help us become a stronger and more prominent brand in the industry.

Here’s an interview that we did with Julio to help you get to know him!

Where did you go to school for your profession?
I went to the original Pivot Point International – School of Esthetics. The amazing, Leo Passage actually gave me a tour of the school back in 1997!

What made you want to choose the beauty industry?
Let’s just say I was born into it! I grew up with a father who was a hairdresser, my mom a beauty maven and my aunts were all beauticians.

What do you love about the spa industry?
The spa industry is ever-changing and growing. People always will want to feel good and look good. But what I really love is that you can find your niche in the spa world and be very successful.

What drove you to open Wax Man Spa?
About 10 years ago I began noticing an increase in Men’s products and companies looking to cater to this growing demographic. After working the retail world helping to launch and increase sales with new lines such as: Anthony Logistics, Billy Jealousy and Bully I went back to the spa world where I really saw an increase in Men’s skincare and waxing services. After working with some well-known men’s salons and spas I felt there was a need for a men’s spa that really focused on services created by a male esthetician. The other men’s spas were only owned by investors and Wax Man Spa was the first of it’s kind in Chicago to offer services and treatments by a male esthetician.

When did you open Wax Man Spa?
Wax Man Spa opened in August 2013, we’re celebrating our 3 year! We are celebrating by letting our clients know that we have just signed a 5-year lease to continue offering amazing service in Chicago!

Has the spa won any awards or any press mentions?
Over the past 3 years Wax Man Spa has been recognized in the press and media on:

  • Crain’s Chicago Business
  • The Chicago Red Eye
  • Men’s Journal Magazine
  • com
  • WGN Morning News as the destination spa for men in Chicago

Which PFB Vanish products do you carry?
From the day we opened our doors we have carried the full range of PFB Vanish products.

Do you use any of the products in treatment?
We use ALL of the products in our treatment rooms. Our clients are encouraged to use any of the products prior to receiving their service. We also offer the products for use after every treatment for clients to smell, touch and feel the quality of PFB Vanish.

Which services do you use the products?
We use Numb it before every waxing session as well as before any extractions during facials. For men, we end every intimate wax (Brazilian, Buttocks, genitals, etc.) with Man Mask and for women we end with Bikini Mask.

There are times we incorporate Man Mask and Bikini Mask into our facials, depending on the specific need of the client.

We use Liquid Luffa in our Back & Shoulder Facial Treatment because it is a power cleanser with exfoliating properties.

Share your thoughts on the PFB Vanish Line
Favorite Product?
REALLY?! I can’t choose just one! Ok, If I had to choose 1 product right at this moment, I’d say MAN MASK!

Why do you love it?
It’s a one-of-a-kind product. Men always have acne control, oil control, drying products and MAN MASK is just the opposite. It is made to SOOTHE, CALM, NOURISH, HYDRATE & REPAIR a man’s delicate skin.

What Do Customer Say About It?
Customers LOVE it! It’s our #1 repeat purchase product! Especially for our low-maintenance guys when they find out they don’t have to even wash it off.

Is it easy to sell?
Let’s just say we can’t keep it on the shelves AND I actually need to place an order as soon as this interview is over! Seriously.

Can you speak to the digital presence of PFB Vanish — their blog posts and social media posts — do you ever share them on your spa’s pages to help educate your clients? 

NOT only do we share the educational posts and information from pfb Vanish but we have an informational bulletin board that we change monthly with this info on it. We also have created a take home care card of the DO’s & DON’Ts for before and after your waxing service at Wax Man Spa that specifically tells our clients which products they should be using and when. Then we invite them back with a service or product discount for being loyal!

I wouldn’t trust my clients’ skin to any other pre- or post- waxing skin care line!