by Barry Eichner

For so long men and women with darker skin tones have suffered with dark spots or hyperpigmentation. Estheticians with clients with darker skin tones – have seen dark spots, they’re nothing new!

Dark spots or hyper pigmentation come from ingrown hairs, shaving, breakouts and trauma to the skin. They can be embarrassing and cause stress and anxiety to those who have to deal with them! But there is no longer any reason to live with them!

There is a solution! A new, patented ingredient designed for skin brightening applications that shows neither cytotoxic effects, nor any irritation or senitisation reaction.

New active for safe skin brightening. It includes significant lightening effect on the skin, at the same time that fights against photo aging.

Here’s The Breakdown!
It’s very simple – it’s science. The human body is an ongoing chemical reaction. Melanin synthesis controls the amount of pigment. We have found a safe and effective way to impede the process to help reduce and eliminate dark spots!

The Science
The color of our skin is determined mainly by the amount, distribution and type of melanin, a pigment produced by melanocyte cells in a process called melanogenesis. Melanin synthesis takes place in melanosomes, which contain specific enzymes controlling the production of pigments. The first step of melanogenesis is mediated by tyrosinase (take note this enzyme is important), a key enzyme that catalyses the first two reactions of melanin synthesis. Abnormal accumulation of melanin is responsible for hyperpigmentations, which could be a serious aesthetic problem.

Why Chromabright?
Chromabright is a new brightening active, which acts by inhibiting tyrosinase activity. It fulfills all the desirable qualities for a new skin brightener: exhibits a considerable lightening in vivo effect on the skin, has a completely safe profile, shows good stability in formulations and possesses a photo protective effect on human epidermal keratinocytes, helping to prevent the skin damage cause by UV radiation.

2 Powerful Products
There are two powerful products that contain Chromabright.   PFB Vanish + Chromabright, is our update to the original PFB Vanish, so now those suffering from dark spots resulting from ingrown hairs can effectively treat both with a single product. Chromabright is the key active ingredient in Lumen8 Lotion. This product is designed for face and body and ideal for any type of hyperpigmentation, especially sun damage!

Estheticians now have two products that they can safely and effectively recommend to clients who suffer from hyperpigmentation. These products have proven success and are fan favorites of estheticians and beauty trade journals.