In the world of personal care and grooming, men often times get the short end of the stick. Yes, there are men’s skin care brands and yes, there are product lines that offer products for men. But men still come up short in the end.

We never really honor what a man’s facial skin has to go through. If a man shaves every day, his face and neck are given almost the same exfoliation as a dermaplaning treatment. This is done every sing day of his life. If a female client came in and asked for exfoliation every day – no esthetician would do that.

Because men produce testosterone, which has been known to increase collagen production, men tend to have thicker skin, which allows them to withstand a bit more exfoliation than women. If a man’s skin is in its optimal state, then yes that is in a best-case scenario. The added stress of daily shaving won’t cause any issues. However, if a man has dry or reactive skin – the daily exfoliation that happens when he shaves will cause him stress to the skin.

The situation can be made worse if a man has coarse hair, which can complicate the shaving process by making it difficult to get a smooth shave. Course hair and reactive skin combined are a recipe for ingrown hairs, nicks that bleed, and over exfoliation causing irritation.

Men need to invest in an “aftershave” that can repair and protect their skin after shaving. When spas perform a Dermaplaning treatment on a client, which is very much like shaving – they take great pains to ensure that they properly moisturize and protect their client’s skin after the treatment. Men need this on a daily basis!

The Dynamic Duo
Other than a really good shave cream and a solid razor, which are the most obvious, there are two products that men need to properly care for their skin as they shave. 

  1. Facial Cleanser
    Properly cleaning the skin before shaving is key. Ensuring the skin is clear of any excess oils, dead skin residue and debris will help the razor stay in perfect contact with the skin, gliding smoothing across the surface. Using a cleanser with a gentle exfoliant to help buff away the debris and dead skin is optimal. Liquid Luffa Scrub has a gentle walnut powder to safely remove excess debris without over working the skin.
  2. Post Shave Balm
    The best “aftershave” is a product that is nourishing and healing. Rich, hydrating and protective, the ingredients need to help draw in moisture and trap it in the skin. Our Man Mask, is just such a product, full of botanicals and natural hydrating ingredients to feed and repair the skin after shaving.

Father’s Day is June 18th make sure your spa’s shelves are stocked with Liquid Luffa Scrub and Man Mask and be sure to talk to your clients about how these products. Lots of women will be looking for gifts for the dad’s in their lives, these products make an excellent gift.