woman's faceWe know what you did this summer and we know it involved either a pool or a beach and hopefully some sunscreen!

It’s ok, having fun in the summer is exactly what you should be doing. Enjoying time with friends and family at the beach, at the pool, camping, boating or hiking. Whatever your outdoor pleasure, summer should be spent having fun.

As summer winds down you may be noticing that, while your skin may have a golden glow, it isn’t as vibrant as it was in May. Summer fun can take a toll on your skin.   Excess sun exposure, humidity, and sweating can bring with it all sorts of complications that compromise the skin’s optimal beauty.

A majority of the time, the best way to go about reviving your skin is to Scrub Summer Away. Exfoliating your skin offers a number of benefits that will put a smile on your face. Removing the excess debris and dead skin cells offers a host of benefits that will give you a refreshed, revitalized look for fall.

5 Benefits To End Of Summer Exfoliation

1.  Smoother Skin
When you exfoliate dead skin cells away, newer skin cells come to the surface. These remaining living, firm skin cells have a more uniform texture on the skin and offer a smoother look and feel.

2.  Brighter Skin
After exfoliation the remaining skin cells are vibrant and full of fluid allowing them to reflect light, this luminosity is what allows the skin to glow and appear brighter.

3   Even-Toned Skin
As the dead skin cells are removed, discolored spots on the surface of the skin are also removed, leaving the new even-toned skin cells on the surface.

4.  Softer SkinThe new skin cells on the surface are firm and plum with hydration, these cells are softer to the touch than dry, dead skin cells.

5.  Healthier Skin
New skin cells at the surface of the skin allow the skin to function at optimal levels.

There are many ways to exfoliate the skin that involve either manual exfoliation or chemical exfoliation. Both are ideal for removing dead skin cells and have great benefits for the skin. You can also exfoliate the skin in strong single application to create a deep peel. However, regular use of a home care product such as the PFB Vanish Liquid Luffa Scrub is an inexpensive method to change your skin over the course of a few weeks. Liquid Luffa is a combination of chemical exfoliation with 6% Glycolic Acid to help break down the “sticky glue” that holds skin cells together – this allows them to slough off with ease. It also contains Walnut Powder as a manual exfoliant to help whisk away the dead skin cells and debris trapped on the surface of the skin.

Fresher, younger looking skin is just weeks away with proper exfoliation. If your skin is riddled with dark spots from too much sun exposure, you can also use products to lighten your skin such as the PFB Vanish Lumen8 Lotion.  Triple Action Lumen8 contains kojic acid, Chromabright and Licorice Root Extract. This product will hydrate, nourish and over the course of 8 weeks help to diminish the appearance of dark spots on the skin.