If you’re looking in the mirror and think to yourself that you’d like to tone up, get in shape or drop a few pounds – you’re not alone. It’s a fact of life that everyone’s weight fluctuates. The moment someone realizes they need to take some action, there’s usually one thought. I have to hit the gym.

But the gym isn’t always necessary. First rule is: you can’t out run a bad diet. So getting right with nutrition is crucial. However, movement is still important. When it comes to staying fit and in shape there’s nothing more fun than a good day out doors.

You can get to steppin’ outdoors in ways you may take for granted. Here’s a list of a few of our favorite ways to burn off calories outdoors provided you are physically able to perform them – you should always check with your physician before beginning any type of exercise program.

5 Fun Summer Outdoor Workouts

  1.  Walking
    For many men and women, just adding additional steps everyday can help burn off the necessary calories.   We’re a sedentary society, fight that urge and get up and start walking.
  2. Jogging
    Maybe you want to take it up a notch. A light job can help burn even more calories than walking.
  3. Climbing Stairs
    So many outdoor buildings have stairs leading up to the entrances. Take the opportunity to do those stairs a few times. We all saw how Rocky ran the stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum to get in shape.
  4. Functional Workouts
    Remember gym class? Push ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, jumping rope? All of those activities we did in our school gym class can burn off lots of calories and are fun to do outdoors.
  5. Biking
    Hopping on a bike and exploring your community can be fun. Find safe biking trails where you can burn off calories and check out the sites. Local parks are great fun for this.

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Enjoy the outdoors, keep fit and look great!