Guys all remember when that peach fuzz on their lip started to get thicker and darker. It was right around the time that a few pimples started to appear. It was right around the time when lots of things were changing.

Maybe it was mom or dad who noticed it. Maybe they said something over dinner; maybe they mentioned it to you in passing? Maybe there was a conversation about it in the car. Either way, young boys getting their first signs of facial hair is something to be noticed.

After a little time letting it grow in and letting everyone get used to the idea that the boy is becoming a man, comes the inevitable need to shave. This can be either an average, “no big deal” kind of experience or it can be incredibly traumatic. Shaving is something that needs a lot of instruction. There are so many variables that impact how shaving affects a man’s skin.

Here are a few basic tips to help make shaving a little more pleasurable.

5 Tips For A Great Shave

  1. Start With Clean Skin
    It’s best to wash the face. Clean skin will also have less surface debris allowing for a smoother glide.
  2. Spend Time Warming
    It cannot be stressed enough, use a wash cloth and warm water and spend time wetting the cloth in warm water and compressing on your face and neck. The heat from the water will soften the facial hair. Softer hair will cut easier allowing the razor to glide over the skin. Don’t make the water too hot, you don’t want to scorch the skin, just hot enough to soften the facial hair.
  3. Keep The Razor Fresh
    Don’t over use a razor. They get dull after time. It’s best to use a razor until you feel a bit of a pull when shaving, at that point replace it. It varies by razor type, hair thickness, amount of facial hair, etc. Better shaves come from newer razors, so go until it stops feeling good.
  4. Use A Shave Product
    Shave products do many things. They soften the hair, they create a slick for the razor to glide over the skin and they offer moisture to the skin. There are soaps, creams and foams on the market, find one that you like and be sure to use it with every shave.
  5. Healing Finishing Product
    After shaving a man’s skin can be traumatized. Especially if a man has sensitive skin and thick course hair. Men of color, inevitably suffer from razor bumps and their subsequent dark spots. Which is why PFB Vanish created Man Mask, it is a botanical balm that is applied to the skin immediately after shaving to calm and heal the skin AND to prevent razor bumps. For added protection against bumps and to actively lighten any brown spots – layer on PFB + Chromabright after the balm has dried. This will insure smooth, even toned skin that is bump free!

These 5 steps can help make shaving for any man a more pleasurable experience. It’s a good starting point for any young man who’s just starting to shave. There’s nothing like the clean, refreshing feeling of a smooth shave with a fresh razor. We highly recommend investing in good razors and high quality post shave products to make sure guys can put their best face forward!