bikinimaskA new season brings so many new possibilities! It’s time to think about putting away the winter coat and boots. Many women begin flipping through fashion magazines to find a few adorable new spring outfits. Spring also kick starts the quest to find a spectacular swimsuit.

Spring is a great time to clean out that Beauty Bag and update some make up staples. Your skin also has some very specific beauty needs as it adjusts to spring weather. Longer sun exposure and air that is now filled with more moisture and pollen, can mean a change in your regular skincare routine.
We have a list of 4 go-to beauty items that every woman will want in her beauty bag to help adjust from winter into spring. Items that will help her feel more beautiful and sexier

4 Spring Beauty Bag Must Have’s

 FibreLuxe Lashes
Spring is a perfect time to update your mascara to ensure you have a clean fresh tube that is bacteria-free. Mascara to hit the cosmetics market since the boom of the lash growth serum. A healthier alternative to strip and “glue in” lash extensions.

Daily Lash Extensions without the fuss of glue and without the time commitment and upkeep! Fibreluxe Lashes is applied like regular Mascara but gives you the amazing look of false lashes in 3 easy steps.

Bikini Mask
Prepping for swimsuit weather means more shaving and waxing the bikini area. Use PFB’s Bikini Mask to help soothe razor burn and irritation from waxing.

Now you can calm and soothe your most private areas with Bikini Mask. Simply apply after waxing or shaving, and experience healing relief thanks to Chamomile Flowers, Sweet Almond Oil, and Aloe, Leaf Juice.

Spring days are longer which means your skin is exposed to the sun longer each day. More sun exposure means a greater risk of dark spots on the skin. We suggest using Lumen8 LOTION. Lumen8™ visibly reverses the appearance of dark spots, age spots, sun damage, pregnancy mask and post-acne hyper pigmentation in 4-6 weeks. Use on face, chest, legs and top of hands. Chromabright© is a new active ingredient for safe skin brightening.

Liquid Luffa
Exfoliating the skin on a regular basis is essential to more beautifully glowing skin. Spring is an ideal time to exfoliate the skin and our Liquid Luffa™ is a finely abrasive biodegradable scrub to remove dead skin cells on the face, hands or body consisting of Palm, Candelilla wax and Jojoba along with 6% glycolic acid. Use 3 times a week in the shower to help “lift” ingrown hair. Liquid Luffa is Eco-friendly and contains crushed apricots and walnuts.

As the days get longer and the sun shines higher in the sky, with warmer temperatures begin to make outdoors more fun again – it’s a great time to celebrate life and beauty. Take the time to stock up on a few beauty bag must haves to make sure you’re the most beautiful you that there is!