Get to know the newest and most effective anti-cellulite cream on the market!  PFB Vanish’s Skini Cream is in fused with caffeine and marine plankton to help increase circulation and improve tone and texture. 



Ahhhh, Spring! The cold and darkness of winter is letting go. The clocks just got moved forward by an hour. There’s more daylight. It’s getting warmer.

With all the bright sunshine and fewer layers, it’s easy to see if that during the winter our bodies may have stored a few extra calories to keep us warm. But Spring is here! It’s getting warmer and brighter and soon we’ll be focusing on summer vacation and the beach and swim suits!

If the thought of a swimsuit scares you just a little. It’s time to take action! Don’t let winter win! Get to stepping with our spring shape up suggestions!

5 Tips To A Spring Shape Up

  1. Drink More Water
    Everyone knows that a healthier lifestyle requires a good amount of daily water in take. Most Americans don’t drink nearly enough water. Make a point to drink least water with your lunch and dinner. It’s a great way to remember to drink more water if you remind yourself to have water with meals.
  2. Track Those Calories
    You need to be honest with yourself.   You need to know how many calories you’re eating. Using an app like MyFitnessPal will help you track your calories. You can work with your physician and professional certified nutritionist to help you determine what is the best plan for you, but you have to track the calories so you can see how much you’re consuming.
  3. Track Your Steps
    The American Heart Association encourages Americans to move more. They offer tips and suggestions on how to get started with just walking. Their web site has videos and info-graphics that educate and inform. You need to know how much your moving, so be sure to track your steps, you can also do that with MyFitnessPal.
  4. Use Anti-Cellulite Cream
    It’s a fact of life that women are predisposed to cellulite. So fight back with a proven anti-cellulite cream like PFB Vanish’s Skini Cream! It’s not a sign of being unhealthy or even being overweight. It’s based on physiology of the body. In a woman’s body, the connective tissue that keeps the muscles and skin connected is created in a crisscross pattern, which allows adipose tissue to “bulge” through the crisscross pattern creating that “Orange Peel” appearance. You can firm and tighten the skin by shrinking the cells through expulsion of toxins. We recommend our Skini Cream, a caffeine and marine plankton based anti cellulite cream that will firm and tighten skin.
  5. Stay Consistent
    It takes time and consistency to see results with any type of physical fitness program. Commit to being consistent and be sure to follow the program outlined for you and the suggestions from the American Heat Association. Be sure to drink water, track your calories, and track your steps daily. Also, be sure to use Skini Cream as recommended.