PFB NumbItOne of our favorite products, literally, does nothing for your clients’ skin!

  • It doesn’t help with ingrown hairs.
  • It also doesn’t help with hyperpigmentation.
  • It doesn’t help with razor burn.

But we love it and so will your clients. Why? Because it will help eliminate pain from the waxing service!

What is this amazing product? Numb IT! The miracle product that helps to make waxing services tolerable, and we’d even venture to say, more comfortable.

Don’t believe us? We reached out to one of PFB Vanish’s biggest fans. Julio Mendez, of Wax Man Spa in Chicago. Julio is not only the spa owner, but is nationally known as an expert in the art of the male Brazilian wax.

We asked Julio a few questions about Numb IT.

PFB Vanish: Why do you use Numb IT?
Julio: I use Numb IT because it instantly lets my client know I care about their well-being. I want the hair removal process to be as relaxing and comfortable as possible. If a numbing agent is on the market, why wouldn’t an esthetician use it before any hair removal service or even during painful acne or ingrown hair extractions?! My team at Wax Man Spa has offered Numb IT to every client since we opened in 2013.

PFB Vanish: What do you love about it?
Julio: It really works! AND it really works fast! That little bottle packs a potent dose of pain-free and skin calming ingredients!

PFB Vanish: What do your clients say about it?
Julio: My clients say, “No one has ever offered me this type of treatment before my service! Why?” And I calmly reply, “Because I truly care about each of my clients and only want to offer the best possible service!”

PFB Numb-IT™ SPRAY, is an amazing topical anesthetic, in a convenient spray bottle. It is a fast acting topical anesthetic gel. It does not interfere with wax and leaves no greasy film on the skin. Numb IT contains 5% lidocaine, a local anesthetic that provides fast relief from pain and discomfort. Highest non-prescription lidocaine strength available. Physicians have trusted lidocaine for decades as a local anesthetic during minor surgeries.

Don’t let our waxing clients endure one more second of pain. Be sure to offer them Numb IT, you can keep it in your waxing treatment room for new clients and offer it at retail for your repeat clients to apply just prior to their service.

Active Ingredient: 5% Lidocaine