Ah…. September, pumpkin spiced everything, no more beach, no more pool, and it’s getting dark at 7. If you’re a fan of summer, this is a sad time of year. Time to put away the beach bags and bikini and pull out the sweaters and jeans.

There’s another by product of the changing season. Your tan starts to fade. You loose that golden, rich glow. Your natural skin tone is revealed.

However, after a full summer of being in the sun, there’s a surprise left behind on your skin – tiny little brown spots.

Yes, there are brown spots on your nose, on your cheeks and possibly even your chest. If you did a lot of waxing and shaving this summer to keep yourself smooth and sexy for that bikini, you may even be dealing with some dark spots on your legs and bikini line that have come out after a few ingrown hairs.

Even toned skin is a casualty of summer. Summer is gone and now all you’re left with is uneven skin tone and a pumpkin spiced latte.

Don’t Stress! We have an easy and simple solution that is easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

PFB Fall 3 Step Solution For Sexy Skin!

Step 1
Be sure to use this elegant roll on product daily. Apply it to any area that you shave or wax. This product will eliminate any ingrown hairs AND it will slowly brighten any dark spots in as little as 8 weeks.

Step 2
Liquid Luffa Scrub
This is an amazing exfoliating scrub. Dual action – meaning – there is a chemical (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) exfoliant and a manual (crushed walnut shell) scrub. This will help to scrub away dark spots on a regular basis.

Step 3
Lumen8 Lotion
This ultra moisturizing lotion that is ideal for any skin type contains CHROMABRIGHT which is clinically proven to lighten dark spots in as little as 8 weeks, if used daily.

Don’t let Fall, get you down. Grab a sweater and enjoy the brisk fall weather. You can be sure to have glowing skin all winter long if you use the PFB 3 Step Solution For Sexy Skin! You’ll have skin that is nourished, healthy and even toned!