Brr, it’s cold outside. The cold, dry air can zap your skin. It can pull all of the vital moisture from your skin leaving your skin dry. Dry skin is dull and fragile. Dry skin is also not operating at optimal levels.

If you are doing regular shaving or waxing in the winter months you are adding even more stress to the every day stress of your skin! Shaving and waxing can irritate the skin, which can be uncomfortable when skin is at optimal health, but when skin is already at a disadvantage due to winter weather, shaving and waxing can cause more discomfort.

3 Steps To Healthy Winter Skin 

  1. Gentle Exfoliation
    Gently exfoliate away the dry dead skin cells on the surface. Liquid Luffa Scrub uses crushed walnut and glycolic acid to gently lift dead skin cells and whisk them away. This reveals fresh, new, living skin cells that are functioning optimally.
  1. Repair
    We don’t stop shaving or waxing in winter. This harsh action that many of us do to our skin daily is brutal in the winter. Repairing the skin with a leave on mask will help restore the skin so it can function and protect. Man Mask and Bikini Mask are optimal leave on masks that will give the skin all it needs.
  1. Hydrate
    Be sure to use a lotion on your skin that will replenish and restore vital moisture to the skin. It’s imperative to keep the fresh new skin cells on the surface of the skin properly nourished so they can seal in moisture. Properly hydrated skin will function optimally, offering a fresh glowing appearance. Lumen8 Lotion is a rich and nourishing lotion designed to keep the skin at optimal moisture levels.

Winter can be a fun time to enjoy outdoor activities. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and just having fun outdoors are so fun in the snowy winter weather. Make sure your skin is enjoying the weather by following our 3 simple steps to Healthy Winter Skin.