It’s January! It’s a new year – yay! But for most of the U.S., it’s cold and dark. It’s time to get away! Winter vacation season is on!

For the next 8 weeks people will be flocking to anywhere that’s warm! No matter if it’s Florida, Mexico, The Caribbean, The Mediterranean, Los Angeles, or a fabulous cruise, many will be escaping the snow, ice and single digit temps for places much warmer and brighter!

No matter where you go, you have to be sure you’re ready to get that winter body into a swimsuit! You’ll need to make sure you’re waxed, buffed and plucked! Nearly everyone who hits the pool or beach for a vacation in the winter will do some sort of hair removal before they go. Make sure you take care of yourself after the waxing, sugaring or shaving you do to prepare for the winter vacation. We have 3 pieces of advice for you!

3 Tips For A Better Winter Vacation!  

  1. Liquid Luffa Scrub
    Make sure you exfoliate after hair removal. It’s so important to keep the surface of the skin free from dirt and debris. Keeping the surface smooth, and your pores open, will help to prevent any ingrown hairs.
  2.  Post Treatment Masks
    We have one for men and one for women! They are masks that you leave on the skin. They’re actually very intensive and emollient moisturizers to apply directly after shaving. MAN MASK is invigorating and refreshing – men love it for after shaving. BIKINI MASK is a soothing botanical blend that will keep the most delicate skin, soft and supple.
  3. PFB Vanish ULTRA
    Our newest and most advanced product yet! Due to launch in the next few days, PFB ULTRA is a triple action product! This product, when used daily, will give you 3 amazing benefits that no other product on the market offers!
    1.  Eliminates Ingrown Hairs
    2.  Eliminates Dark Spots
    3.  Provides Anti-Oxidant Protection

You can also apply PFB Vanish ULTRA to any existing dark spots to help lighten them in up to 8 weeks. PFB Vanish ULTRA is safe for use on any part of the body.

Men love it for their face and neck as an after-shave treatment. Men also use it after shaving their chest and back.

Women shave their legs and under arms daily. Many also shave their intimate areas on a regular basis. This can cause a host of problems from skin discoloration, ingrown hairs and dark spots. PFB Vanish ULTRA provides protection against this and offers a refreshing fragrance.

When you schedule your waxing appointment or when you plan to shave to prepare for your winter get-a-way, be sure you have these 3 amazing products on hand so you can do proper post shave/wax care. It’s also very important to apply PFB Vanish ULTRA on a daily basis to any spot that you’ve shaved or waxed to help prevent ingrown hairs and dark spots.